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Primo Giorno a Roma

I’m here! The first day in Rome went quite good. I’ll skip the whole getting here and airport drama, let me just say that Trieste airport and Alitalia won’t see me again. Well, I had my first class today my fear about my terrible Italian was justified, I really do suck at it.

But never mind, because of that I’m here. I went exploring a bit today and I found this great store Ovs industry, where they sell clothes, cosmetics and home decoration, all by sales prices. Of course, I couldn’t resist it so I bought a few stuff.

I scored new Nivea body creme (smells yummy), thin make-up brush for eyeliner, the stand for my phone (soo cute and you can change the picture) and big lip balm by Paul Frank (isn’t it awesome?! I can’t even describe how yummy it smells).

I also rocked my new jeans jumpsuit today, which I bought in Pimkie last week on sale. Sorry for the crappy photo, I don’t have a decent mirror in my room and it was getting dark…

Tomorrow I hope I will be able to celebrate my birthday the way that I would at home. I’m going now, probably take a shower and then to bed, because I’m exhausted.

My Day!

My day finally arrived! I’m 19 and I still can’t believe it, that time is running by so…

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