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My first and most special!

I got my first Blog Award! Lovely Nina tagged me for Kreativ Blogger Award few days ago, or should I say almost a week ago. Well, I had kinda hard time putting together 10 facts, so I took a lot of time.

Well, here are the rules and the award: write 10 facts about yourself, pass the award to another 10 bloggers.

10 facts

(don’t laugh, they’re really random)

  1. I like my space. I can’t share a place with others, not for very long, I go crazy. I need my room where I can do whatever and that’s it.
  2. I get attached to someone very quickly.
    Probably because I try to think of people only the best.  It’s helluva pain later, if something goes wrong though. And it doesn’t mean that I also get unattached quickly. Quite opposite in fact.
  3. I’m quite shy
    when it comes to geting to know other people at the begining. I’m the quiet type, but only till I’m relaxed enough, then you can’t shut me up.
  4. I’m not the toughest drinker around.
    What I want to say is, that I don’t need a lot to be drunk. They say it gets better with time, but I’m apparently the exception.
  5. I can live on pasta for life
    . Never get tired of it. Maybe because they’re simple to do and I’m not the best cook around.
  6. It’s nothing serious, but
    I’m a little claustrofobic.
    Don’t like small rooms with no air, they make me dizzy.
  7. Once, I want to live in New York. Preferably, Manhatan. Don’t know why, that’s my dream, not just because of the Sex And The City.
  8. Friends mean everything to me. They’re like my family, and I would take them over my own real family anytime!
  9. When I’m home alone in my room, I turn the music really loud and pretend I’m on stage singing, even though I totally suck at it.
  10. Very random, but I don’t remember anything else. I’ve never had curls. Not braid curls, real curls, with curling iron or rollers… Not the type for them I think.

And now, My nominees are

So that’s it and thank you again!

Xoxo, Peppi

Weekly Inspiration

Before I go out, I want to share this weeks inspiration with you. I’m pretty much in summer…


  1. O, jaz se tudi ful najdem v tvojih točkah, hehe.
    Ravno danes sem opažala kolkokrat žrem testenine. Pa sem dobra v kuhanju, samo ko se mi res ne da v kuhni bit.

    Mir in ljubezen!

  2. wooooo mislm da mam 8/10 s tvojega seznema… :D kodre sm že mela, pa kaka barcelona mi je ljubša od NY…čene pa…spot on :D

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