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Outfit: Maybe it’s over, maybe we’re through

For me, holidays usually meant, laying on the couch, watching TV and being on a computer all day, bored to death and doing nothing. Well, these holidays are nothing like this. I’m barely home, always in a hurry and doing something. It’s fun, but I kinda miss those days a little bit every now and then.

Anyways, I went down to the tourist agency and took care of everything for Rome. Then the architect for my apartment came again and he showed us the drawings and plans (they’re soo good, can’t wait till everything is done). I took plenty of photos of the apartment, but right now it looks kinda horrible, so maybe I’ll post them after everything is done, so you will see the Before&After effect.

Well, that’s it for today, I’m going back to reading Harry Potter (I’m obsessed with that book again) and I leave you with the outfit of the day. Bought this cute tank top in Pimkie in Trieste yesterday (where we ended up after going to Portorož to visit Jelena and Nika. It was so fun, definitely doing it again soon-or after I come back) on sale, of course.

Oh, and I almost forgot: only 4 days till my birthday! (and this year I’m leaving you without a wishlist, so you’re on your own haha)

Last Day Home…

Another kinda crazy day is ending, I’ve been packing all day, having lunch with family and guess what,…