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OUtfit: Kiss me till you’re drunk and I’ll show you

Very uneventful day, except going to post office, I stayed home watching old episodes of Beverly Hills 90210 and reading the last part of Harry Potter (again). The outfit was appropriate for the day, no make-up with that crazy hair of mine and jeans with a simple T-shirt, which I bought yesterday in Zara on sale. The only “special” thing was my new DIY clutch, which I probably wore for the first time. It’s nice, but a bit too small for me, I tend to be a bit of an over-packer…

Looking back at these photos I don’t know, how I walked around with that mess on my head all day… These days I just don’t really care for fashion and style, sorry guys.

I’m going to Portorož tomorrow with Sara, on a little break for a day and maybe this time I will finally do some photos. We’ll see!

Upcoming Trip…

Maybe was my failing Italian meant to be, because now I can make my wish to go to…


  1. I wear messy buns all the time lately. It's just too hot out to wear my hair down and worry about how it looks.

     xox Courtney Michele
    Breakfast in Wonderland

  2. Meni pa je kulska ta figa na stran. Pridna, da si si naredila torbico!

    Mir in ljubezen!

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