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Just checking in…

I’m home for a day and I’m already busy. I was meeting the architect in the morning for my apartment, where I’m hopefully moving in September or October. I’ll keep you posted about that. But here’s the sneak peak of the flat, it’s a lot of junk there, but don’t worry, it needs to be redesigned.

I also figured out that camera on my phone is working again (miracles obviously happen!), so I was able to shoot my outfit of the day. I’m going out with my girls later this evening so I hope I get that outfit too. 

Dress – Zara, Vest, Bag – vintage, Sandals – Princess Shop, Ring – Topshop

But the point of this post was actually the news, that I finally got my babies that I ordered on!! After all, they’re here, they’re so cool, I just hope I’ll be able to walk in them. Aren’t they gorgeous?? 

Well, that’s all for today, it’s another busy day tomorrow, hopefully everything will turn out ok. 

You guys have fun!

Xoxo, Peppi


Simply adore this pictures… credit: zanita Xoxo, Peppi