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Last Day Home…

Another kinda crazy day is ending, I’ve been packing all day, having lunch with family and guess what, I got my first birthday present! It’s a little hanger for purses, when you’re somewhere out, so you don’t put it on the floor. It’s so cute! Now my bag will never be on dirty floor again.

Other than that, nothing interesting happened today, I’m still deciding what to take with me, I seriously think my suitcase is too small (over-packer, remember?)… I’m going really early in the morning tomorrow, so this is the last post from home, I hope I’ll be posting regularly from Rome too. So that’s it, you guys enjoy the rest of the day, I’m going back to packing and reading Harry Potter (I have to finish the book before I go!).

Primo Giorno a Roma

I’m here! The first day in Rome went quite good. I’ll skip the whole getting here and airport…