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Turned my music loud, got my heels on

I didn’t go alone, I went with my girls and of course we had a lot of fun. Now that I think about it, this was the first time we went out since the exams started… Well, we earned it.
Anyway, we had time to snap some pictures and of course, outfits (what kind of fashion show would it be, if we didn’t dress up?!).
This is mine:

Shirt – Bershka, Skirt, Heels – H&M, Bag – Primark, Necklace – gift, Ring – Urban Outfitters

And this is us, joking in front of the camera and try to look like models while Pia flies in haha

So, that’s the whole report of last night,can’t wait for another show, because this was really fun. Now I’m going to clean up my room, cuz it’s a mess with countless piles of clothes (I had to figure out what to wear yesterday) and trash everywhere. 

And expect some interesting posts in the near future, cuz I’m feeling artsy!

DIY Hairband

Since there’s horrible weather here and I have nothing to do whole days (I have a week before…


  1. Omojbog jaa! To so najbolj neudobni cevlji kar sm jih kdaj obula. Vec ko eno uro v njih ne gre. Res majo tak cuden naklon, pa se brez platforme. So pa lepi usaj nekej haha :P

  2. Mmmm, sem si mislla ja. :D Haha, lepi pa so ja, se strinjam. Za lepoto je treba potrpet, ne. :P

  3. Kul outfit! :) In eno uprašanje…mam podobne pete iz H&M ja, ubistvu model je enak, samo da moji so peep toe…kaj so tut tebi tako neudobne? Mislim, sej se da, ampak majo en tak naklon, da je kar težko hodit v njih…

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