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Something to wear to the beach

As promised, I’m shopping till dropping now that my exams are over. I’ve ordered loads of things on the internet already, but I just couldn’t resist this dress in H&M today as I went by, it was on sale anyways and I wanted a maxi dress for a while now. It’s perfect for summer time. With sandals or heels. And of course, I had to try it at home, with my new big hat, that my mom brought me and the black heels. It looks awesome I’d say. Already see myself wearing it in 2 weeks on Pag. My next mission: perfect swimsuits!

Dress, Heels – H&M, Hat – Unknown

Xoxo, Peppi

Countdown begins…

I have this habit of count-downing till my birthday and I usually start a month early. That means…


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