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Nail Polish collection

I’m terrible. I should be studying, for the last time actually. Well, since I’m not, I figured, let’s at least do something useful today then. And I decided to show you my collection of nail polish. Almost every time I buy something at drugstore I have to buy another color. That’s just how I am. Although my nails are in terrible shape. I used to bite them, so they’re thin and very breakable.

Recently I decided to give it a shot to OPI ENVY nail strengthener, just to see if I can get better nails. We’ll see how that goes.

I have a few my current favorites. I used to be obsessed with black, but summer is the perfect time to pursue more colorful nails. 

from left ot right: Catrice-London’s Weather Forecast, H&M – Paradies Pink, Essence – You Belong To Me, Wanna Kiss?, Make Up Factory – 153.

Have anyone else got to use the new Blogger or it’s just me? Cuz in the old one, you can’t upload pictures, and here you can. And besides, it looks just so much better and… well, new. 

Xoxo, Peppi


It’s finally over! I’m done with all exams and there nothing else to do, than be lazy and…


  1. kožnati laki so tud moji najljubši trenutno. Ker sm glede nohtov kr velik freak, če se mi kakšn okruši, grejo vsi dol, tko da so kožnati super, ker se pol nevidi če ga malo manka :P

  2. Meni je bil rdeč vedno najljubši, non stop sem ga imela in zanemarjala ostale, zdej sm kupila tega kožnega in sm prav obsedena s takimi odtenki. Mi je všeč, ker nardi roke še bolj temne in je fajn, ker če se malo pobriše zarad morja zdej poleti itd. se ne vidi. :P

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