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My obsession with feathers continues…

Hi all, sorry for just disappearing like that in past few days, I took a little time off of blogging and everything else. But I’m back, even though I should study right now. There are still two exams I have to take before all this is over.I have been window shopping even more lately, actually online window shopping, and I made a list of all things that I want and I’ll get as soon the exams are over. I’ll keep you posted about that.

You probably already know about this new trend of putting the feather extensions in your hair, but I just have to share, because it’s so cool and I want to have it too! It doesn’t do any harm to your hair, it’s basically just clipped on. But it looks so great and very boho-ish and it’s perfect for a little summer fun. I was searching for something like that here in Slovenia, but I didn’t found anything, so if someone knows where I can get it, to do it myself or even to have it done in salon, please share!

That’s it for today, now I’m going back to studying Math, hopefully tomorrow you’ll get at least some outfit post! 

Xoxo, Peppi

It’s like my mind is gone

Watching DIY tutorials, listening to Robyn and wearing absolutely no make up and all kinds of things on…


  1. sej se mi je kr zdelo, da se tega pr nas nebo dalo dobit…
    to bi bla dobra alternativa ja :) sicer pa se da pomojem kje na netu iz tujine naročit komplet, da si sam namontiraš to noter…

  2. Jaaaa men je tut to všeč, ampak se pri nas ne da dobit :( Sm razmišljala, da bi samo perje kupla pa sama spetla v lase :)

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