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Little shopping spree

Gosh, I feel like it’s been forever since I last posted here. So sorry about that, it’s one crazy week, I’m barely home, I’m babysitting my little cousin through out the day and in the evening I go out with my girls. So yea, even though it’s only Tuesday I’m kinda tired. But I have sooo much to tell you, I’ve been shopping a lot and you are probably curious what I bought. Yesterday I went downtown with Eva and Lucija and of course, we couldn’t help ourselves not to go to H&M. They have huge sales there. We made some photos (what’s better than a little photo shoot in the changing rooms). I walked out with the sweater and the dress (I wanted that dress since forever!!).

Couple days ago I order some gladiators on slovenian online store called Princess Shop and today I finally got them. They’re soo comfortable and cute. And don’t even let me start on the packaging, I wish I would pictured it before I ripped it off, it was adorable pinky paper with little princess frogs.

So, that’s it for now, I’ll try to post again soon. You guys have fun and enjoy summer!

p.s.: it’s 28 days till my birthday!!

Xoxo, Peppi

DIY: Oversized clutch

A while ago, I saw these bags in hands of many bloggers. They’re basically oversized clutches and so…


  1. hvalaa :D to so bili precizno izbrani kosi v 5 minutah haha :P 
    Ta pajac je res kulski ja… nažalost meni ne paše :P pa pomojem bi mogli met tud vi že kkšne razprodaje, pri nas majo vsi H&Mi…

  2. ohhhh, use reči ki jih mate na slikah so mi ful dobre…me zanima, če so tut v našem H&M že kake razprodaje?? :P
    jst si čene ful želim tak pajac kot ga ima tvoja prijatlca na prvi sliki…ql B)

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