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iPhone and Apps

As you probably know, I’m a proud owner of the iPhone 3GS and I couldn’t be happier with my choice of cellphone. It’s soon going to be a year since I have it, so I would like to show you my favourite and most used apps.

Wanted to do this post for a while now and since tomorrow iPhones are finally coming to Slovenia, now is the perfect time to publish it.

  • Through the school year I was loving this calendar app iStudiez, because it kept me organized with all the schedules and my grades in school, but since holidays are here I won’t be needing it for a while now. If you want the full version, it’s not free though, it costs around 3$ I think, but it was totally worth it for me.
  • Next one would definitely be Doodle Jump. I’m pretty much obsessed with this game, even though I’m not really good at it. It’s really addictive once you start playing and perfect when you’re bored during class, on a bus or waiting for a friend. This one also not free, it’s gonna cost you 0.99$. A lot of other great games are free, like Mega Jump, Bubble Bust!, FlyingHamster, which I love too.
  • This phone also has very good camera and I love snapping them everywhere and then when I’m bored or feeling creative I edit them in Instagram. It’s free, fun and very useful app to edit your photos. I really love it! 
  • Another great app is Lookbook, which is awesome if you wake up in the morning without any inspiration or clue, what to wear. There are pictures from users and that way you don’t have to go in internet browser every time, you just click this app.
  • When I’m blogging I often use Translate, it’s actually a Google Translator app. I use it because sometimes I just can’t remember some words, or I want to write more or less correct sentences and this app is great to do that.
  • The other app I’m using for blogging is BlogPress, for posting when I don’t have a computer near me. It’s not free though, costs around 2 or 3$ I think. But it’s worth it, cut you can posts from anywhere and anything.
  • Of course, probably the most used apps on my phone are Twitter and Facebook, nothing new there.
  • I also discovered Moleskine app, I’m kinda obsessed with their journals, so the app is a must, TouchMouse, when you’re too lazy to get of your butt and the computer mouse is too far,and Free Time, that tells you how much free time you have a day, based on you calendar events.

Well, thats pretty much it. Now it’s your turn. Do you own a smartphone? What kind of apps do you use? Share!

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