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Fashion show: A.L.I.C.E. by VŠD

Yesterday I went to my first and amazing fashion show by Academy of Design named A.L.I.C.E. The show was part of students exhibition of their work this year. I really liked it, it was well organized, models were beautiful and the clothes were amazing. Some of them were pieces of art, not really wearable, just for Lady Gaga, and some of them I would happily wear myself. And I know the show was about clothes, but man, did I like some shoes. Sooo pretty…

I did take pictures, but they’re a little bad since my camera is not very good. But just so you can imagine how it all looked.

Students that participated: Anja Kržič, Amanda Kapič, Karmen Koren, Janja Koren, Nina Kodrič, Nina Cotič, Jana Govedič, Romana Stojnšek, Iva Katalenič, Anita Hochtl and others.

Turned my music loud, got my heels on

I didn’t go alone, I went with my girls and of course we had a lot of fun.…