Search Day Night

Don’t you have better things to do with your life, then hang around and stare at me and complicate mine?

So now that Italian and actually the last written part of exams is behind me I can breathe again. But not for long, on Thursday I begin with the oral part. Oh boy. Well, enough about school.

I took a little break today and watched some Hilary Duff movie on one of the slovenian channels and got in the “Duff fever”, so I’m listening to her songs for hours now. I forgot how much I used to like her…

Anyways, here is the part of my very not interesting outfit I wore to exams…

Sweater – H&M, Pants – Stradivarius, Ring – Six

I already cleaned my room today so now I’m left with nothing but going back to studying. Blaaah.

Xoxo, Peppi

Going insane, need a break.

Just a very quick hello from me, before I go back to studying. I’m going crazy and right…