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Bloggers meet up

Since all of the bloggers posted photos from last Wednesday I think I’m gonna share them too, and I don’t have anything else to post really. And I haven’t really talked about it yet. It was so much fun, hope this happens again soon! Main lesson and note to myself: do a business card for blog! ;)
These fashionable and awesome photos aren’t mine, I got them from others, links will be down below. And all of the links of other bloggers are in the sidebar (hopefully I got all, if you’re not on the list, tell me so I add you to it!!).

credit: Flash Shopping Vodnik, Oblačilnica, Running In My Heels, All around eve

I also got kinda sick, my nose is stuffed, I lost my voice and I’m so annoyed about it. Finally got few days off of studying and exams and now I’m sick. Oh well, I’ll definitely use this healing time for relaxing and spoiling myself with facials and stuff and of course drinking a lot of tea…

Daphne Groeneveld for Numero

I haven’t posted any editorials for a while now, probably because there weren’t any that caught my eye.…