Video: My Weekend in a Minute

Hi guys, yes, I’m kinda back. Beside exams, now I also have a broken computer and no internet. Just great, right? I guess this is universe’s way of telling me I should lay off re-watching Suits until I’m done with studying.

Well, since I had too much time this weekend, I thought I’d do a short video for you guys. Basically just few clips of last 2 days. If you like it, give it a thumbs up on YouTube and I’ll try to publish more of them soon! (have couple in the stock already actually) :)

Outfit: Fridays

Fridays. Last days of busy weeks, already heavily anticipated from previous Sunday. What is so great about them? The free weekend ahead? No work, no school? Excuse for getting together for few drinks? Probably all of the above.

I’ll admit, I’m one of those that count down days until Friday finally comes. Partially, because it means I have 2 days just for myself, partially because of those drinks (and food), but most importantly, because of the vibe. City transforms into this vibrant, buzzing place of people, talking, laughing, hanging out, enjoying themselves. The atmosphere literally changes, from busy and stressed rushing to happy and relaxed, you can almost feel it. It makes you want to sit there and enjoy it. I developed this Friday habit of my own. It starts with yummy lunch somewhere, followed by getting almond-milk ice coffee and vegan chocolate cupcakes on the local Open Kitchen event, to make last working hours go faster. Then meeting up with friends and getting real drinks by Ljubljanica river, chatting away last few hours of the day. Life is just better on Fridays. Sounds great, right? Make tomorrow your best Friday ever!

blogger, pelamarela, fashion, outfit, summer, fridays
blogger, pelamarela, fashion, outfit, summer, fridays
Photos by Eva

Favorites: May 2015

I might be a bit late with my May favorites post, but oh well. Better late than never, right? Also, the exam period has now officially begun, so either I’ll be posting as crazy (I just love to blog when I have tons of other things to do) or have a mini hiatus because of the library over-time, we’ll see. But now back to the point. So, how did May went?


I don’t know if this #allblack phase is going to pass at one point or not, but it was pretty strong in May. (and continuing into June as well…) Continuing with another obsession of mine, rings. Layering is so much more fun than choosing just one! As for the shoes, I’m staying on the ground as usual with the black H&M slip-ons and Primark grey ballerinas. Comfortable is my middle name, what can I say.
 photo favorites_may_black.jpg
 photo favorites_may_ring.jpg
 photo favorites_may_ring2.jpg
 photo favorites_may_shoes.jpg


I feel like my skin entered this problematic, teenager-y period (which I was so thankful I skipped in my actual teenage years) and I’m not very pleased. This Tea-tree cream has been helping me out a lot. Also, I’ve discovered a perfect tool to tame my crazy eye brows – Alverde clear gel is the best thing in my whole make up collection. Also, my Essie obsession is still going strong – Ballet Slippers and Russian Roulette are currently on rotation.
 photo favorites_may_beauty.jpg


It’s almost summer around here, so I’ve been eating loads of ice cream – fruity, creamy, chocolatey, you name it. All vegan of course. :)
 photo favorites_may_icecream.jpg


Paloma Faith is my new obsession. I have her newest album on repeat constantly and I’m a bit bummed that I won’t be seeing her perform at the V Festival this summer, since I’ll be there just the first day for Sam Smith and Hozier (and of course bunch of others).